September 9, 2013

edgarallanpostlimit said: PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL.


July 25, 2013   1 note

ipsycrossing-deactivated2013080 said: Also you should do some tutorials on how you make outfits...I love your style.

Well shucks. Haha. Thank you!If I get more positive feedback from people I will definitely consider this :) Thanks for promoting me!!

July 25, 2013   81 notes

Caroline dress with short sleeves. Please like/reblog if you use it. Thanks!

July 25, 2013   11 notes

Caroline dress inspired by an Urban Outfitters piece. Like or reblog if you use. Thanks!

July 25, 2013   216 notes

Teal floral dress. Please like or reblog if you use this! Thanks